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Happy 2021, goodbye and good riddance to 2020

  •   Fri 01 January 2021
  •   Misc

Happy New Year! This year in particular might be even happier than most, since we can officially close the books on 2020.

I had been planning to post more often, but when Covid hit and I was isolating at home my priorities shifted. For quite a while I wasn't playing at all, but that did change over the course of the year. Ever time I thought about writing last year I decided against it; my original plans for content had been centered around the NABCs, which were all canceled.

I decided towards the end of the year that I wanted to resume with writing, so the new year seemed like the perfect time to kick off a "soft reboot" of the site. I'm not planning on deleting any of the content which was already posted, but I do want to add to that content - hopefully with some regularity.

Keep an eye out for new content, especially some videos! I'm excited to try dipping my feet into making some video content. I have one which is currently a work in progress, but hopefully as I learn the ropes of video creation / editing it will be easier for me to create videos going forward.

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